Helping Your Children Reach Their Full Potential

Bringing up children is a huge responsibility and, speaking for myself, it is only now that they are growing up and becoming intelligent individuals with their own opinions and personalities that I have realised just how much responsibility I have taken on.

There are many areas in which your children may need your help and support as they mature but I believe that one of the most important is their education.

If you truly want your kids to reach their full potential in life, you need to ensure they have every opportunity to excel while they are in full-time education. Now that my eldest is starting university, I felt it was a good time to share my thoughts on how this aim can best be achieved.

Parental Supervision, Cambridge Tutors and Freedom of Choice

The above heading can be taken as a summary of my personal recipe for educational success. I honestly believe that it has been thanks to a combination of these three key ingredients that my children have been able to shine at school.

  1. Parental Supervision – No matter how mature your children’s behaviour and attitude towards education may be, I have found a certain amount of parental supervision to be vital. There are so many distractions in this modern world, such as TV, social media, video games and text messaging, children can find it very hard to focus on their studies. By providing them with the environment in which to study effectively, for a set amount of hours per day, you will at least be giving them the chance to prove they can apply themselves when necessary.
  1. Freedom of Choice – This ingredient may at first sound like the polar opposite of the one directly above but in my experience, a child needs both in equal proportions, in order for them to flourish at school. If you are too strict with your son or daughter and force them to study too often, they may very well rebel and their grades will start to drop. This, at least, has been my experience and I would be happy if I could help others to avoid making the same mistake I did. When my eldest first started secondary school, I think that I placed far too much pressure on her and my well-meaning efforts backfired quite spectacularly. Give your children a choice and they may surprise you by applying themselves even more assiduously to their studies.
  1. Private Teachers – When my children showed signs of struggling with their studies, I enlisted the help of local Cambridge tutors: fully qualified teachers who were intimately familiar with the national curriculum. My children have since informed me that this helped them immensely, both in practical terms as they caught up with their classmates and by reigniting their enthusiasm for learning.

Your son or daughter’s personal recipe for educational success may involve different proportions but I firmly believe that by using the same ingredients listed above, you can help them to reach their full potential with their studies.

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