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Tron stereo is definitely an internet-radio playing with synth electro and indie-pop and crafted music exhibits. They intend to update their site to provide more text message – interviews, recording reviews etc. They started presenting some regional designers through our turn, and marketing alternative audio occasions in Serbia and Balkans.

Within their own terms
There’s no-good system for audio that is substitute that leans to electro in Serbia today. We attempted to illustrate that you could make a radio station that’s neither CHR or GENTLE AC, that are the sole two platforms recognized by radio within our nation. Today we’re contacting DJ and growing folks and companies who are able to create quality information.

Because all of the individuals gathered round the stop have actual lifestyles and their actual careers, we totally depend on Cloud DJ robot. We are able to dedicate our time for you to creating transmission information because we don’t need to be worried about the machines.

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Synthpop, electronica, Indiepop

Tron Stereo employs our flash player to flow straight to their site and employs Wavestreaming’s Cloud DJ support.


In the start of this past year something dawned on-US that created us rethink the way in which shows shared and were produced.

When beginning their particular place beginners to radio fought to obtain at night first several actions. We subsequently had a moment” that is “lightbulb: why don’t you develop a support that streamlines the whole procedure?

Using this was created!

Delivered from the group behind Wavestreaming, it’s an intuitive and simple to use allinone answer that provides you all you need to efficiently put up and manage every part of one’s online radio station – It’s as easy as pressing a to begin transmission. redefines online radio transmission for that modern-era by which makes it as easy and simple as you can to produce and reveal your station’s quite happy with the planet – in The beginning you access all of the important stereo resources you have to effectively begin transmission and obtain your audience hearing.

Your internally group of experts also have put almost all their encounter and understanding involved with it and have now been hectic during the year focusing on We paid attention to customer comments have gathered fresh suggestions, and discovered from our previous errors to produce what we believe is just a game-changer.

Fundamentally we created radio to be simplified by enables one to begin transmission towards the world in units and therefore it’s an allinone toolbox of providers.

Don’t fear, Wavestreaming isn’t heading everywhere!

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